Monday, June 7, 2010

Contest Entry #1: Amazing Man

Amazing Man

Novel Type: Science Fiction/Thriller

Plot Description:

It's Russia 2030, and the European AIDS epidemic has become rabid due to increased immigration, prostitution and drug use. After the new Chancellor Roman Andre is elected the Russian government has decided to demand mandatory AIDS testing, resulting in a mass extermination. Adelina a young preteen and her grandmother Dora are poor immigrants from Spain. They speak English and Russian fluently but are easily pointed out as foreigners. They moved to Russia so Adelina could pursue her Ballet talent. After the mandatory AIDS testing both Adelina and Dora huddled with a group of others to an open field, where the AIDS positive immigrants are gunned down. With quick thinking, Adelina and Dora manage to escape the massacre, running into the forest. The two walk the wilderness for days, until they stumble upon a circus tent. Inside there are is an exciting show by different talented circus performers. One of the acrobatic performers, a young immigrant man from Kenya agrees to help them. He accompanies them on their escape, while leading an army of immigrants and ex soldiers against the Chancellors wrath. The journey is thrilling and their encounters are compelling and thought provoking. In a city of evil and cruelty, only one man can lead the crusade. An unlikely hero comes to save society, and stop an extermination. He is just one man, an amazing man.

Teaser/ Introduction:

Russia 2030

A cold wind sweeps the fields and wakes me up. It's early and my eyes water as I yawn, I feel my skin crawl. All of us stand around giving each other looks, not knowing what to expect, although I see fear in many of elders eyes. It's as if they know something we don't. I stand closer to my grandmother; I take her hand in mine, and grip it tight. The army trucks that brought us here begin to pull away, and only two of the men with guns stay. We are in the middle of nowhere, where are they going? Where are we going? I dare not to ask grandmother, her face looks pained as she sees the trucks leave down the rugged path from which they came. Her grip becomes tighter, her furrow deeper.

Yesterday they tested us for the AIDS virus. I remember many of the faces here from the clinic; men women and children. Everyone in Moscow was to be tested, the Chancellor had sent out disclaimers to everyones home. My grandmother had the same pained look as she read out the hovering words which appeared at our bed: " Every single person in Moscow, by Chancellors orders must be tested for AIDS. The testing will be held for one month at the hospital nearest to you. You're date is March 20, 2030. If you choose not to attend, serious consequences will be administered".

It begins to snow; the white flakes fall slowly and quietly. We are all silent. Then the men with guns begin to herd us toward the open field. I am scared. All of a sudden my grandmother takes my hand, she pulls my arm and we run. All I can hear are the gun shots and the screams.

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  1. I like this one better because it is more theoretical and proposes some serious issues for conversation .. not saying that stories about best friends growing up isn't interesting, 'cause it is, I'm just more a fan of 'what-if' scenarios than I am of 'oh this happened.' Call it my attraction to fiction, I guess?

    Anyways it'd be nice to see the other two you were going to post, but for now I'll just say I prefer this one. .so far.