Sunday, June 27, 2010


My grandmother told me I was going to die. I will live a life of wickedness, and then never have an eternal life. I will turn to dust. Where am I? I am floating above the earth. I see my little brother, I take his hand, I feel his heart. This moment is frozen; time doesn't exist. I wish that there was something I could do to, but I am paralyzed.

I wish that love was enough to bring peace, and life was enough to bring happiness, but gloom hangs above us. My grandmother tells me the devil is bigger than us. Then what hope is there? Where should I go to die? I look for a tree, but I am in a desolate parking lot walking for hours, there is no salvation. I pray, but God says its too late.

My little brother stands alone, at the end of the parking lot. I run as lightning grazes my body. The thunder deafens me, but I keep going. I feel as though I am not getting any closer, he will always be too far. I will never reach him. Suddenly I hear his laugh; he now appears before me. I hold out my hand and then he takes it. We walk.

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