Saturday, June 12, 2010

Contest Entry #2: The Best Friend Chronicles

The Best Friend Chronicles
Novel Type: Memoir/Coming of Age
Plot Description:
A true life events of the many different best friends I've had. All friends in The Best Friend Chronicles have been real best friends and real situations. It depicts the tears and laughs, of a young girl trying to fit in and find herself in the process.
"I've had many best friends over the years, but never a friend that was the "best". "
Teaser/ Introduction:
Probably my first traumatizing experience with a best friend happened in the first grade. I looked on in horror while she ate an entire bag of my favourite popcorn. She shook the rest of the bags contents into her mouth, getting every single crumb into her esophagus. Which I had the strong urge to punch. Although upsetting, the shock didn't come until she threw the Ziploc bag at me, saying "bring me some more tomorrow". There was definitely something wrong with the friendship.My mom happened to be in the area, and seeing a portion of the events approached the girl. What happened afterward I only recall as a blur of embarrassment. All I could think about was the wrath my best friend would descend upon me after she left.
Throughout my life I have experienced the company of many different best friends. They've come in all sorts of cultures, shapes and sizes. Unfortunately these abundance of close friendships have always been a curse over me. My freedom felt lost, my life felt like a swirl of anxiety and paranoia. I never understood the act of friendship, or why it was so cherished. My greatest wish was always to escape it. My life has definitely not being boring, or conventional, because these are my best friend chronicles.

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