Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Blood Worshiper

After killing her, she went to Starbucks. She ordered a Grande Black Tea Latte "please", her eyes glowed red, her teeth protruded past her scabbed lips. The cashiers heart beat profusely as she tapped in the order. She wasn't sure if the girl was going to kill her or take the tea, sit down and graciously leave after her cup was empty. It was unlikely. The strange customer sucked on her bloodied fingers with a furrowed brow, and an awful slurping noise. The cashier gulped and then spoke softly;
"it will be $2.49 please", she said as she shivered.
The girl smiled, and then slowly lifted her head so that their eyes met;
"yes of course", was the reply.
Then she quickly whipped her head back down to dig into her purse aggressively. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, she pulled out a toonie and a loonie. She held out her bloodied palm, the coins covered in blood as well. The cashier took the money holding the edges of each coin with a nervous precision. She then cringed as she opened her cash and plopped the girls change back into her hands.
"I'll be right back", she said quickly, hoping that escape was still possible.
"No", the girl said in a deep unshaken voice, "your not going anywhere".

It was half past midnight when the girl left Starbucks. She looked up at the moon, and wiped the blood from her mouth. Suddenly a car pulled into the parking lot, a short man driving the vehicle furrowed his brow as he saw the young lady in blood walking over to him.
"Can I help you?" , he said very terrified and a little concerned.
"Yes", she said with an innocent pout " I need a ride".

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