Thursday, May 6, 2010


Most people will never truly understand the feeling of desperation. I feel it every day. I watch my life go past me, flickering past my eyes like an old black and white movie. I stand on a street corner. I stand so I can see the people's faces, and look into their eyes. Out here its called gazing. Some of us don't like it, they think its too aggressive, but I think its perfect to manifest the fear in people's subconscious. For the first two days I was out here, I sat and talked to shoes. Nobody gave a shit. By gazing people have to care. It's like they are forced to care, forced to yell at me or regurgitate some change. It works. Everyone out here has their own technique that they like, Madison shows a bit of skin, Al likes to make small talk, and I like to gaze. Out here they call me blue, I have bright blue eyes which I use to my advantage. I get into their brain, their souls, then their wallets.

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