Sunday, May 16, 2010

Don't Rain on My Parade

I've had enough. It's over. No more stress, no more pain, nor more hurt.
I don't deserve it anymore, that's what I say, and this is what I said:
"Don't you rain on my parade no more".

I took it for so long, let it hit me so hard, and finally I fell.
I buckeled under the pressure, melted with heat,
Until there was nothing more of me,
Nothing left to feed.

What happened to my innocence?
What happened to my carefree?
Everyone join me in a protest to fight for equality and happiness,
The revolution starts with me.

I march for love and the right to live,
I have been jailed for so long,
Imprisoned by guilt and power.
Today I broke free, and yelled out: "I have no more to give."

When it gets tough to cope, difficult to deal,
I remember; this is what I want,
This is what is real.

Only God can protect my body,
But I can protect my soul,
I can sheild and shelter it,
Then yell at the storm: "Don't rain on my parade no more!"

Finally I emerge, tears spilling from my eyes; it's done.
It's finished, I can breathe and patch my sores,
I get on my knees, and ask God;
"Please don't let him..Oh please don't let him rain on my parade no more."

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