Sunday, May 16, 2010

City of Sin

Sudan is a city of sin. Whores walk around with no shame, baby's cry with no food, and boys like me are already carrying around sub machine guns. At a young age we have experienced death, begging for our own lives, and the ultimate sin of murder. I can't imagine what life was like before this happened, before the war. It is my job to guard the base and watch for intruders, my name is Liban and I am a child soldier.

She stares at me, waiting for me to invite her in. She look young, perhaps only sixteen. She is brave; she is so close to our base. She looks up at the hill, where our tents are. Everyone is asleep. I tell her to go. If I let her in, she will die. Tobi tells the guards to let the females in; they are entertainment and fun. She doesn't leave, she wants something inside.

"Go now", I whisper.
"Why?", She asked.
"You must let me in". I pause, if they let her in they will do what they want with her.
"There's nothing up there for you", I say gripping my gun tighter. The girl bites her lip and walks toward me. She is beautiful, her eyes are light brown, her skin is smooth.
"I am not a whore looking for money. I appreciate your concern, but I must get inside. I am looking for someone".
I can't help but laugh, "there are over twenty men with guns in that tent alone!" I say pointing up at the hill "do you really believe you can just find someone, and take them with you? Unharmed?"
She starts to cry; "I have no other choice! I gave him my word, he is my only living brother!" The girl looks down, then stares into my eyes "I will do anything to get him back. I am his only hope". She is serious. , even so I decided not to yield.
"If you go you will both die.", I say with a calm bluntness, "right now I am your only hope".

She promises to come back tomorrow. First she gazes at the tents one more time, she looks afraid, sad and vulnerable. "Goodbye", she snaps, "goodnight".
I hope she never comes back. I hope God saves her.

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